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Double xp weekend!

Goose - Thursday, 6 May 2021

hello my fellow runescaper's!

Double XP Event will be active this weekend from 07-05-2021 to the 09-05-2021.

Easter Event 2021 & Double XP.

RSCDynasty - Friday, 2 April 2021

Happy Easter from RSCDynasty!

[Activated] Double XP & Stackable Loot:
Double Experience has been activated and will last till Sunday when the Holiday Event goes live.
Double Stackable Loot has been activated and will last all the way till Holiday Event ends.

[ACTIVE] Holiday Event - Sunday 4th April to Sunday 11th April.
This years Easter will be a resource farming event, we have acted upon the constant lack of resources feedback for PK and we feel that Easter is a good holiday to help out with that.

[b]Free F2P Food and Strength... Read More

Winner of Level 61 Duel Event: Kuni

RSCDynasty - Saturday, 6 March 2021

The winner of the Level 61 Duel event is: Kuni!

We received a lot of positive feedback on how the event was ran, this means we will use this format and setup for other events in the future.

Bracket and results: Level 61 Duel Results

We will try to host 1v1 events every single weekend from here on forward, if you want to donate for these events - contact a staff member or put your donation in the Community Crate located in the Auction House place in Edgeville.

Latest update was released today and can be found here:... Read More

Deathmatch, Double XP & Misc!

RSCDynasty - Thursday, 25 February 2021

Hello everyone! The last few weeks has been incredible, we managed to get 150+ online and we have seen such a stable player count this entire week, even without Double Experience! 

Double Experience Event:
Yep, that's right, tell your friends! -O_O-
We will run double XP event once again this weekend starting now and ending on Sunday midnight, 2021-02-26 -> 2021-02-28 1:AM UTC.

Deathmatch System:
You can now battle your friends and foes in a deathmatch!
Deathmatches has a big variety of Rules you can choose from and you can also do... Read More

Double XP Event & Update (Part 1)

RSCDynasty - Friday, 12 February 2021

Hello everyone! Double XP Event is now live again this weekend from 2012-02-12 to 2012-02-14.

The following updates and changes is now in effect PART 1:
New cycle of rares:

The present box has been replaced with a Treasure Chest, dropped by NPCs in-game. Your present boxes will still contain the OG rares.
The Treasure chest can also give extra items upon opening such as Rune and Dragon gear, consumable and skilling items.

We know most of these items has been seen before, but since we do not have a Graphic designer (you are very welcome to apply for a position on our team... Read More

Double EXP & Drops Weekend

RSCDynasty - Friday, 5 February 2021

Recently we have been receiving more traffic to our Server, to celebrate the fantastic support towards RSCDynasty - we have decided to enable double leveling rates and stackable drops this entire weekend.

Double event will be in effect starting now, until the end of the weekend on Sunday midnight.

Baby green dragons has been added to wilderness 'bat' house for faster Prayer XP.
Egg nog will grant you 1 hour increased idle time (purchase from Pyriel)
Stackable Pouch is a perfect item to have as you can select three stackable items or notes to auto... Read More

New Wilderness, New Legend's Guild & Updates

RSCDynasty - Monday, 25 January 2021

This patch will bring you bug fixes, map changes and updates! The following is included in this update:

[list][*]New Wilderness
We have received suggestions to make wilderness smaller due to the low population of RSC. The new wilderness of RSCDynasty has a maximum wilderness level of 32.
From Level 24-32 (P2P Wild), From level 1-24 (F2P Wild). This means that wilderness is ~40-45% smaller in size. We are very happy with the results of the new map, and everything is still on the same locations, except for a few minor changes that was required, so it should still be very easy to... Read More

Recap & Updates

RSCDynasty - Wednesday, 20 January 2021

In the last couple of weeks we have been working hard to bring out worthy updates to our members at RSCDynasty. We feel that our updates has not been seen due to bad publicity, so this post will contain our new update released today, but also a recap of what has been done earlier. The post will be long to read!

New Update:
FFA Events
with Stat Change Panel, we can now host events very easily with our new Event System, the newest addition is Free For All events, which is hosted automatically with a combat restriction, defense restriction and a rule-set.

Players can... Read More

Merry Christmas

RSCDynasty - Friday, 25 December 2020

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas from RSCDynasty Team!

The event will last from: 25th December 2020 to: 2nd January 2021.

New Rares
We have not created any new items for this years Christmas, but we have added new colors to Santa's Hat, Party hat and Black Christmas Cracker.

The new Cracker contains the new party hat colors, but it can also grant you extra items upon pulling.


Double XP
Double experience is enabled all the way to 2nd January.

Wilderness NPC Drop Rares
All npcs found in... Read More

Information, Updates & Xmas Event

RSCDynasty - Sunday, 20 December 2020

The last month I have been trying to balance real life and RSCD in the best way I could, however communication is not my strongest side, it has never been due to the workload I have to do. My goal is to try and improve my communication to the community, but also be more consistent with updates as I were in the beginning. As most of you know, Zack left RSCD due to differences on how the server should be ran. The people who is still in our staff (Goose, Asuna and Me) want to move forward with new unique features, a whole lot of events and rewards, easier access to items as well as reasonable... Read More