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New Wilderness, New Legend's Guild & Updates

RSCDynasty | Monday, 25 January 2021

This patch will bring you bug fixes, map changes and updates! The following is included in this update:

  • New Wilderness
    We have received suggestions to make wilderness smaller due to the low population of RSC. The new wilderness of RSCDynasty has a maximum wilderness level of 32.
    From Level 24-32 (P2P Wild), From level 1-24 (F2P Wild). This means that wilderness is ~40-45% smaller in size. We are very happy with the results of the new map, and everything is still on the same locations, except for a few minor changes that was required, so it should still be very easy to navigate. It's a prototype and it may change in the future.

  • Castle Hotspot
    Since castle was remade to be a bigger Castle with more exclusive npcs to farm, bosses to kill & objects to skill, it has become a main spot for players to be. Below is a summary of what Castle contains.
    -Gaia Boss
    -Skeleton Boss
    -Black Demons
    -Chaos Druids
    -Black Dragons
    -Range cage (Fire giants & Greater demons)
    -Magic Trees
    -Runite, Addy, Mith and Coal rocks.
    -Fountain for filling Vials.
    -Double XP, bigger quantity of stackable drops and a bonus to drop percentages to the clan that won the previous clan war.

  • New Legends Guild
    To start off, the old legends guild was way too large, and it did not contain appealing monsters to kill. A few days ago there were new NPC's placed there but the entire guild became too over powered which resulted in other places being empty and that's not what we want. The new Legends guild as of today have been made smaller and easier to walk through with the new pathway from the stairs (you no longer need to walk the longer path to reach the center), the other areas has been removed and redesigned with three new rooms, less npcs, but still worth being a legend.

  • Firemaking
    -The firemaking skill has been updated to be more convenient, you will no longer need to drop the logs to light them. You can light them directly from inventory and your character will walk and place the fire underneath you.
    -Any log type is supported for the Firemaking skill now.

  • Firebird Pet
    New pet (Firebird). The pet is obtainable via Firemaking skill.

  • Robin Hood Hat Perks
    Requirement: Level 40 ranged to wear.
    -Armour bonus points: 8
    +2 extra damage bonus against NPC's.
    -10% extra chance to hit bonus against NPC's.

  • Skill Cape Perks
    -Quest cape: Teleports you to all guild locations.
    -Thieving cape: Increase pickpocket batches by 5 & 10% better chance of succeeding when pickpocketing.
    -Fishing cape: 15% chance to catch noted fish.
    -Mining cape: 10% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining.
    -Prayer cape: slower prayer drain rate, cannot be used with monk robes.
    -Agility cape: No fatigue.
    -Cooking cape: You don't burn any food.
    -Woodcut cape: 10% chance of receiving an extra log while woodcutting.
    -Hitpoints cape: 2x HP restore rate (does stack with rapid restore prayer).
    -Smithing cape: Acts like Goldsmithing gauntlets and 100% iron ore smelt rate.
    -Attack cape: 10% better accuracy against Monsters.
    -Defense cape: 10% stronger defense against Monsters.
    -Strength cape: 10% increased hit damage against Monsters.
    -Magic cape: 15% chance to save your runes upon spell cast.
    -Crafting cape: 20% chance to cut two gems.
    -Firemaking cape: Acts like a tinderbox.
    -Ranged cape: 10% better accuracy against Monsters.
    -Fletching cape: 15% chance to double the amount of Log cuts, Attaching feathers, Making pearls or Arrow heads.
    -Herblaw cape: 20% chance to make two potions
    -Max cape: All skillcape perks apply when worn. 

  • Other Updates:
    -All log types are supported for Arrow shaft making.
    -Right dragon square half is now dropped by npcs.
    -Right click "Trade" option added to Pyriel.
    -Right click "Pay-toll(10gp)" added to Al-Kharid gate.
    -Tree Gnome Village Quest Skip Card added to Pyriel.
    -Gnome amulet of Protection is added to Pyriel shop.
    -Cannon shooting bug has been fixed.
    -Bugged number of players in hotspot has been fixed.
    -Welcome message when new players arrive.
    -Information window for new players upon arriving in Lumbridge.
    -Golden Bowl is now batched.
    -Skeleton Dragon Boss drop table has been updated.
    -You are now able to pickpocket Gnome Waiters.

  • Events
    We will now begin hosting events in a more consistent phase. Players have been donating a lot of items for future events and you will be able to find upcoming events at the Event tab on our frontpage. They are very easy to join, and you are auto scaled for level 3 events, and for our FFA events you can use the event stat panel directly in-game to fit any FFA rule-set we will host. This makes it easy for any player to participate in our events.
    Thanks to Kolyon, Knostalgic, Arch and Castiel for the donated items!
    *These items will be used for our many future events.

Thank you for your continued support towards RSCDynasty!