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RSCDynasty | Wednesday, 20 January 2021

In the last couple of weeks we have been working hard to bring out worthy updates to our members at RSCDynasty. We feel that our updates has not been seen due to bad publicity, so this post will contain our new update released today, but also a recap of what has been done earlier. The post will be long to read!

New Update:
FFA Events
with Stat Change Panel, we can now host events very easily with our new Event System, the newest addition is Free For All events, which is hosted automatically with a combat restriction, defense restriction and a rule-set.

Players can now join these events without having to train multiple accounts to participate, instead the server allows you to change stats from within the Event Interface so you can fit the FFA rules. As soon as the event is over, your original stats are back to normal.


Rift Event, is a new world event. Where players have to work together in order to defeat the Rift. Npc's will spawn in waves until you reach the final wave which contains a boss. The boss cannot be killed solo, which is why teamwork is important.
The entire goal is to defeat the rift before the 20 minute countdown.

If you have done more than 10% damage you will have a guaranteed item drop (Rune item/Dragon item).
If you have done more than 20% damage, you will have a chance at an extra bonus drop (Presents/Rares or high value GP).
The npc's from the waves does drop regular loot table as well.


  • Event System
    Automatic events, currently we support (Survival, Snowball Wars, Rift Challenges and any type of FFA events).
    We will keep on making new event types, next event to be finalized is an Arms race event which will work in the similar context of CS 1.6/CSGO GunGame. With ranged as primary fighting style and end weapon is a golden knife.

  • Staff team
    A couple months ago Zack decided to leave RSCDynasty due our different vision on how the server should be ran. Fate is now the sole owner of RSCDynasty. The staff team consist of Fate, Asuna and Goose. We have done massive changes to the server direction, to be a more chill place where you can actually have fun, this is not a boot-camp. We are a lot more open-minded and listen to your suggestions and changes.

  • Pet System
    Pets were introduced in early January. You can visit the server-information page for more details on pets available and where you can get them.
    They are currently only for aesthetics and will follow you around, you can interact with them, Summon and Dismiss. We wanted to see the community's reaction before further developing the pets. It's clear that you love them so we will be adding various abilities to them soon.

  • Player Tracking
    We are now tracking mostly everything you do in the game as a player, the information is available for you and others to lookup a certain player and their progress in-game: Account Hub

  • Egg Nog
    Bigger idle timer, you can buy the Egg Nog drink from Pyriel in Edgeville for 25k GP. The egg nog will give you 1 hour of increased AFK timer and last for a total of 3 days, you can buy it whenever you want.

  • Stackable Pouch
    The stackable pouch is a very good item to purchase if you are farming note/consumable items. The pouch will auto loot up to a quantity of 16,000 for 3 selected items. Once you've reached the limit, you can collect the items from the Pouch Interface and continue to farm.

    The stackable pouch is available for any type of player. Upon death, the pouch is destroyed but items in the pouch are kept. If you died to a player, the player may loot the pouch items.

  • Presents & Goods vendor
    We still allow players to farm presents from various monsters. We have added a Goods Vendor located in Edgeville who will buy presents from you at a price of 750,000gp. It's a very good combination for stakers and new players to earn both rares or gp.

  • Hotspot
    Castle was re-made into a Hotspot zone, where you have a higher XP rate, higher Loot chance and even higher loot chance if your clan have won the clan wars. You can easily train ranged, farm monsters with good loot tables, kill the Gaia Boss/Skeleton dragon or make use of the Skilling objects(Mining Rocks, anvil, furnace and more) inside the hotspot.

  • Fishing Island
    The fishing island has been an addition to the server since start, but not many know about this area.
    This island has a banker, fishing store and allows you to fish Manta ray and Turtles with regular fishing. It requires you to have level 80 fishing to enter.

  • Misc (QoL)
    Banker has been added to Crafting Guild.
    Quest Cape can teleport you to any Guild location.
    Altar has been added to Mage Bank.
    Aggressive Chickens and Goblins at the wilderness border for low level accounts.
    Discord feed messages
    New Website
    Boosted NPC drop tables

What's next?
-Better PvM end-game.
-Make more PvP content.
-More event types.
-Focus on unique long-term content.

Thank you for reading and I would like to give a big shout out to the players who have been patient for all these updates and given us suggestions as well as live tested the events to help us iron out bugs.