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Information, Updates & Xmas Event

RSCDynasty | Sunday, 20 December 2020

The last month I have been trying to balance real life and RSCD in the best way I could, however communication is not my strongest side, it has never been due to the workload I have to do. My goal is to try and improve my communication to the community, but also be more consistent with updates as I were in the beginning. As most of you know, Zack left RSCD due to differences on how the server should be ran. The people who is still in our staff (Goose, Asuna and Me) want to move forward with new unique features, a whole lot of events and rewards, easier access to items as well as reasonable changes that the custom players have been suggesting. We want players to have fun and not feel like they are being in a military force.

People have told us to give up, shutdown the server, join other server(s) and the answer to that is:
We won't close the server, we won't give up and as you can see regardless of our player count, the server will still remain online and still be worked on.

We would like to give a big thank you to the players who are still playing daily and for the support.

Recap/Changes made:
-Censoring has been more or less removed from both in-game and on discord.
-Logout timers for Ranged/Magic/Melee has been updated to 10 seconds.
-Teleports are now blocked behind the 10 second timer rule in wilderness.
-NPC Drops has been heavily boosted.
-Black demon farm in high level altar was added to the game.

Updates coming on December 23rd:

  • Stackable Pouch
    The stackable pouch idea is mainly taken from the RS2 game, but it has also been given an auto loot feature. We feel this will help a lot with farming while you are at work or just chill training watching netflix.

    You can store 3 types of Stackable items into the pouch with a maximum limit of 16,000.
    The items stored will be auto looted upon killing NPCs, for example if you have death runes as stored in the pouch, it will pickup any death runes that drop from the NPC you are farming.


  • Easier access to interfaces
    The wrench menu will now list the additional interfaces, as a lot of people were confused to find various interfaces. 
    All settings has now been put into the Game Settings tab to be in the same place.


  • Dragon Nest is now Hellhound Nest
    The dragon nest in level 37-39 wilderness were basically never used and the Skeletal dragon boss was basically never fought. 
    We have now switched this area to be a Hellhound nest, they require you to have a skull in order to kill them, they also drop very good loot and the Robin hood hat.
    You also have an altar in the area (this may be changed). We believe this change is good considering this area was also remade to have multiple pathways instead of a death trap for better PKing experience.


  • Event system
    RSCDynasty now has it's own event system that allows us to program various events using the same type of system which makes it easier and more efficient for us to create future events that is suggested by the community. However we have decided to not run these events as a 24/7 type of thing, instead we will be announcing the events on a weekly basis with winner prices so that you can plan your days better for these events.

    Currently we have created three type of events and maps, but there will be even more in the future, events that has been created:

  • Survival Event.

  • FFA (any ruleset can be chosen).

  • Snowball wars (Xmas special event).

  • GunGame (CS 1.6 inspired) - Almost complete.


  • Castle Redesign (Hotspot)
    There were many request to make some sort of a Hotspot/Main PK area and we decided to remake the Castle since it's the most popular area of them all for PKing.
    While making a little bit of a redesign, and a larger castle we still kept the feel of the original castle as much as possible, so it's not a huge overhaul or removal of the original one.

    The Castle Hotspot will grant you 1.5x experience rate, and 1.5x (2.0x for CW winners) Stackable drop rates at all times if you are inside the hotspot.
    It also contains a new npc called Gaia, a level 136 boss with a basic AI script to deal Poison and Earth spell damage.

    The Skeletal dragon was also moved to the Castle Hotspot, and the AI was heavily nerfed to be more appealing than before. Both of these Bosses has a very good drop table.
    There is also Skilling objects inside this area, Rocks, Furnace and herb collecting.

    Lastly there are various monsters for great farming and training and also fire giant for ranged or magic training.


  • Misc (Quest Cape addition and Achievement fix)
    The quest cape now offers teleport to any Guild location in the game.
    We have fixed the Greatwood, Skeletal Dragon achievements as they were not available to be completed. 
    Beat Gaia achievement has been added.

  • Christmas Event 2020, 25th December
    The Christmas event will be going live on 25th December at 7pm CEST. The event will last until 2nd January 7pm CEST.

    This week will have Double Experience, a lot of Events with prices, Giveaways, World drops and Rares. We will make an additional Xmas Holiday post with more in-depth information and schedule in the upcoming days.

Thank you all, and we wish you and your family a safe holiday!