Compromise and Future Focus

ZACK | Saturday, 26 September 2020

We the team at RSCDynasty have received player requests and feedback with regards to some game mechanics that players wanted to see change.
We responded to the requests and feedback in the form of a compromise; where we would have players see some enhancement in the form of play time being more rewarding while not sacrificing our vision.
We are communicating these changes again here on our website for easier visibility although the changes have been since in effect and were initially communicated through our Discord.

As of 09/03/20:

Our patch #8 was released with compromises and considerations with regard to player requests and feedback while still keeping to our vision for the future of RSCDynasty. Change logs are visible here!
We hope players enjoy the changes and we wish everyone well wherever they may be.

As daily life has changed for many with the current pandemic and the challenges it brings our team has been impacted by changes and are still working to progress forward as we are able and appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

Looking ahead we are working toward our second update phase and our Halloween Events.
Thank you, take care and stay tuned!