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RSCDYNASTY Release Statement & Feature List

ZACK | Sunday, 19 July 2020



Greetings everyone. We would like to thank everyone whose taken the time join us on discord and for our release.
We have integrated many features and content that are ready to go from day one, please review our feature list.

We ask you for your understanding and patience as the server will be testing its metal with our new components and additions on a larger scale than proprietary testing.

We ask you to share an anomaly in game-play with us as soon as possible so we can mitigate any issues caused swiftly.
Thank you and happy gaming! 


  • World Bosses: Skeleton Dragon and Greatwood Loom in the wilderness. 

  • Daily Log-in Rewards: First week of the month is always free, 14 days unlocked by gold, 30 days unlocked by premium and combat subscriptions. 

  • Highscores & Clan Ranking: Top 50 players & Top 10 Clan Ranking. 

  • Innovative Quest Helper System: Functions as a built in guide to aid during questing - just click each quest. 

  • Achievement System: Unlock achievements by playing the game and receive rewards for them. 

  • Creative Custom Areas: Additional landscapes and content to broaden your horizons like; the Clan war Arena, fishing island and more. 

  • Lottery System: Automated and Staff ran lotteries. Use ::buyticket <amount> to purchase tickets. Use ::lotteryinfo to receive lottery information.
    Winnings are sent to your mailbox.

  • Mail System: Receive mail from peers, server mail, auctions, lottery, daily log-in achievements. 

  • Comprehensive Options & Privacy Settings: Tailor your experience. 

  • Integrated Calculators: Max Hit, Combat & Skill calculators inside settings. 

  • Automated ClanWar Sytem: Queues up every two hours with randomized rule-sets.

  • Integrated Bestiary: Built-in NPC Database inside settings. 

  • Auction House: List your items for sale and buy items from others.Items and coins are sent to your mailbox. 

  • Community Crate: A place to donate toward event prizes located at the auction house in Edgeville. 

  • Notes For All: We've retired the certers and notes are available to exchange via bank. Certers are still interactive and in new ways. 

  • Commands Menu: Use ::commands to bring up a list of helpful in-game commands. 

  • Information Screen: Use ::info to bring up all sorts of important information about your character. 

  • Boosts: EXP elixir available every 24 hours at Varrock apothecary .Combat & Skilling boosts available from Daily Log-in Rewards.  

  • Replicated from RSC: All content, Objects, Ground items and spawn timers, NPC Locations and Boundaries, Max Hit by NPC, NPC's whom retreat. 

  • Deep Sea Fishing: Turtles & Manta Rays available to catch and cook at the Fishing Island. 

  • Swordfish Only Please: Swordfish only spot available at the fishing guild. 

  • Quest Cards: Available to purchase via Pyriel in West Edgeville. Quest cards allow you to gain rights to wear items without quest completion. 

  • Skill Pane GUI Systems: Clicking each skills brings up a helpful GUI interface. 

  • Mini-Map Flag Marker: Whenever you click the mini-map you'll know exactly where you are headed. 

  • Player Modes: RSCDynasty Mode, Player Killing Mode, Iron man Mode & Ultimate Iron Man Modes available.

  • Party System: Use ::pinvite to invite players to a party. Party members can share attack, defense & strength xp. Loot share available. Map marker on party members. Using ::party <message> allows part messaging. 

  • Game-Shop: In-game shop ties your Dynasty Coins donated for on the website account. To your player accounts allowing easy Subscription or Service purchases. 

  • Revamped Spiders Den: The Red Spider Den in the wilderness has received some influence to make it more useful to players. 

  • Present Box Item Drop: Various Common NPC's have a Extremely LOW chance to drop the Present Box Item.
    Upon Drop the player receive an alert notification of the Present Box being dropped. Upon opening the present; it rolls into one of the original RSC rares.
    No one individual will control the entire market on rares. No one will have to give up playing just on the feeling they will never have another shot to experience the thrill of RSC rare items.