Play at home or on location! Available on PC & Android Devices. Relive your path to greatness wherever you see fit & find the time.

World Bosses

Endless Combat

If you feel your up to the task; you may battle in the depths of risk to uncover great rewards.

Built-in NPC Database

Integrated Bestiary

Looking to zero in on target goods? Use the NPC Database to search without looking high & low!

Built-In Calculators

Remove the guess work!

Use our intergrated calculators to calculate Max Hit, Combat Statistics & Skill levels without leaving the game!

Clan War System

Uphold the honor of your clan!

Participate in regularly system-generated Clan battles with specific rule sets!

Creative Custom Areas

Places you've not been!

While we all enjoy history; it can be very exciting & challenging uncovering new mysteries.

Daily Log-in Rewards

Loyalty should be rewarded!

Come back each day to claim a daily-reward; to use yourself or help out a member of the community. Each month a new set of rewards is populated!

Individual & Clan Highscores

Make your mark!

Work hard to climb to the top of the rank as an individual or clan.

Innovative Quest Helper System

Your time is valuable!

Save yourself the web-search & tab-switching. The information you need is readily available clicking each quest.

Mailbox System

Stay in the loop!

Keep in contact & up to speed on what's taking place with friends & game news, even share supplies if you like!

Unique Achievement System

It pay's to play!

Now you can unlock achievements & the loot that comes with them. Aid your progression by participating in aspects of the game!